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 Barbara Ana Designs

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Spreading Joy - $12.00





All Creatures Great & Small - $21.00





The Witch's Inn - $12.00






Fair Phiolmel - $12.00





Hocus Pocus - $10.50





Feathered Whisperers - $16.50

Stitch with or without the border.





Love Never Fails - $15.50

Here's Love Never Fails, Barbara Ana Designs elaborate cross stitch design in the manner of an antique wedding sampler.
The centerpiece is an ornamental heart with a quote from the bible:
"Love is patient, Love is kind,
it always protects, always trusts, always perseveres,
Love never fails"





Santa, Dove and the Key - $10.50





Autumn Tree - $12.50





Elizabeth Wise - $12.50





Midnight - $13.00





Henrietta Goodrich Sampler - $14.00





Something Wicked - $13.00

A quote from Shakespeare's Macbeth where the 3 witches' dance and songs are interrupted by a knock on the door and one of the witches playfully remarks:
"By the prickling of my thumb something wicked this way comes"
Barbara Ana's delightful interpretation of the witch is is a red haired lady with a pale, moon-like face and freckles. Her full length dress is beautifully depicted in cross stitch, with frilled cuffs, a narrow waist and an ample skirt combining several layers of fabric with Quaker motifs. Her eerie, orange eyed cat stands still at her feet.
A discreet motif with moon and stars runs in the background of the pattern. The choice of colors is very subdued yet rich, as shown in the vertical diamond motif that structures the piece.





The Rampant Cats Sampler - $13.00

The traditional looking sampler is full of unexpected surprises, such as the ones Barbara Ana loves to place in her designs. Look closely and you will notice that the gentleman and the lady differ from Adam and Eve, not only because they are fully dressed, but because they seem to be tempting the snake, not the other way round, and further more they are holding a pumpkin!
The are many interesting details to stitch in this rather large sampler such as the rampant cats that seem to be levitating on their hind legs.





The Witch, The Crow and The Pumpkin - $12.00

An orange clad witch is riding her favorite mount, a crow with a large eerie eye staring at us.
The pattern is full of Barbara Ana's favorite symbols such as keys and houses, dates, Quaker motifs and more.
The chart comes with a free bonus pattern featuring a plant with iny red kittens and a spider.
The round circles featured on the picture are not cross stitched but made of felt appliqué.





Long May She Wave - $12.50





Stitchingly Ever After - $12.50





Christmas Joy - $12.50





The Snooty Parrots - $18.50


This is an exceptional piece by designer Barbara Ana that quite sums up the work she has done over the last few years. Designed in the manner of an antique late18th century sampler it features a beautiful little ode by Samuel Wesley as a centerpiece:
No glory I covet, 
no riches I want
Ambition is nothing to me
the one thing I beg from Kind Heaven to grant
Is a mind independent and free

Surrounding the poem are the two "snooty parrots" each perched on a tree. The sampler features many interesting motifs including trees of life, Adam & Eve, and an exquisite countryside scene with several characters and animals.
The initials are those of family members and are randomly distributed around the pattern. An alphabet is provided for personalization.
The piece was cross stitched on 40ct linen fabric, over 2 threads for the most part, although in several small areas such as the little frame for signing the work, tent stitch is used over a single thread. 
Threads are from the Gentle Art range, in beautiful slightly faded colors.

Number of stitches: 248 x 329 (wide x high)
Stitches: Cross stitch (no fractional stitches), Backstitch, tent stitch
Chart: Black and White 
Threads: Gentle Art
Number of colors: 11





Autumn Sampler - $12.00





Let It Snow - $12.00





Halloween Heart - $12.00





O Halloween Tree - $12.00





The Branch - $12.00

(Come with me All Hallows Night)





I Like This Place - $12.00





Egg Hunt - $9.50





Hoppy Easter - $9.50





Chirpy (Since...) - $12.00





Nature's Beauty - $12.00




Cinnamon Christmas - $12.50





Merry (Since...) - $12.00





O Christmas Tree -$12.50





Merry Christmas - 11.00





Christmas Pals - 11.00





A & E  My Work - $12.00

(cute finishing idea shown, but you can frame or finish any way you like!)





Alley Quartet - $11.00





A Wicked Plant - $12.00





Wicked - $12.00





Remember Me - $12.00






The Raven Scissors Fob - $12.00





Halloween - $12.00





October 31st - $12.00





Christmas Robins Scissors Fob - $10.00





Spring Scissor Fob - $10.00





Happy Howl-O-Days Scissors Fob - $10.00




Spooky Tree - $12.00





Trick Or Treat Scissors Fob - $12.00






Hummingbird Scissor Fob- $10.00






Owl-o-ween Scissor Fob - $12.00






Tweet Biscornu - $10.00






Drink Coffee - $10.00




Tweet Christmas - $10.00




Snow Family - $10.00




Whoo's There? - $10.00




Itch To Stitch - $10.00




Ready For Take Off - $10.00




Frogscornu - $10.00




Ofelia Buttoneye - $10.00




Christmas Biscornu - $10.00




Bootscornu - $10.00




I Love You Snow Much - $10.00




Thanksgiving Biscornu - $10.00





Lucas the Love Elf - $10.00




Santa Paws Biscornu - $10.00




Boo To Ewe - $10.00




Olivia The Fairy Witch - $10.00




Hallowscornu - $10.00




Summer Biscornu - $10.00




Happy Mood - $10.00




Hand Over The Coffee - $10.00




Thinking About You - $10.00




Spring Biscornu - $10.00




Welcome Spring - $10.00




Spooky ABC's - $10.00




Purrfect Love - $10.00




It's Me, Rudolph! - $10.00




Winter Biscornu - $10.00




Autumn Biscornu - $10.00




Spooky Companions - $10.00





Vroom Broom - $10.00




Halloween Cat - $10.00




Santa Paws - $10.00




Meowy Xmas - $10.00









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